Johnn Zero - 'G.I Jive'
08:00 & 20:00 Hrs daily GMT

Johnny Zero This G.I. Jive show is based on the broadcasts from the dark days of WWII. It's main intended audience were servicemen serving at home and abroad but especially those serving abroad in the theatre of war. The show brought them a little piece of home with the best dancing music available on the radio. My G.I. Jive broadcast is a way to say thank you to all the boys that served during the war and also maybe bring them some good memories from those troubled years or give nowadays listeners an impression of how a radio show was like in the 1940's. All the scripts for the show are written by myself.
I was born in Brazil and came very early, by the age of four, in contact with good music. It has been always interesting to ask my grandparents how it was like back in their youth. It is for me a great pleasure to play and to dance to the music they used to listen and dance to. I now live in Berlin, where in my free time I work as dj for 1940's/1950's dance events.

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