David Sibbald - The 40s Collection
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David Sibbald A Scot from Edinburgh, but at university in Glasgow, David embarked on his radio career at Radio Clyde in the Newsroom. But the attraction of teaching Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French was too strong to resist. In 1985 he moved abroad (to England!) and managed to own a restaurant, while teaching part-time. He had a regular Sunday Nostalgia programme on Yorkshire Dales Radio, then on the internet and after finally retiring from teaching, he found himself doing a daily breakfast show on a community radio station near Harrogate. David is happy to be involved again in things relating to the 1940 and 50s, as he believes that is where his true forte lies. We hope David’s 40s Collection  is to your liking - a mixture of the Sinatras and Fitzgeralds we know so well together with memories of British hits you may have forgotten, but which we can all share.

As well as giving talks to interested groups around Harrogate and Leeds, David has started a new career - as Guest lecturer on cruise ships. These have so far been around Europe and the UK and talks include various presentations of British 50s and 60s singers (Dorothy Squires, Kathy Kirby, Anthony Newley, Frankie Vaughan etc.). In addition there's a more substantial look at Steptoe & Son - a Happy Family?; Records of the 40s and 50s Banned by the BBC; and Dubbing in Hollywood Musicals.

All in all, since retirement from teaching opportunities have opened up new areas for David to research and give talks about. Now you can see why David enjoys doing his 40s Collection and Nostalgia Club shows on our stations. He's always coming up with new and interesting facts about the performers.

Contact David david.sibbald@1940sukradio.co.uk

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